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Roll-ons are the perfect companions on the move.
Whether for fatigue or for cooling: The Mint Roll-On accompanies you through the day and invigorates body and mind. The Niaouli Roll-On helps to shift down a gear with its refreshing note, should things get too much. Tea tree oil is known to be an effective aid for skin impurities and insect bites, making the Tea Tree Roll-On an effective everyday companion.

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RMS Biofrid

The RMS Biofrid drops are a food supplement containing sarcolactic acid ((S) - (+) - lactic acid). It is used to regulate the acid-base balance at elevated concentrations of D-lactic acid ((R) - (-) - lactic acid).

The lactic acid used in RMS Biofrid drops is derived from bacterial cultures which are not genetically modified.

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Arginin-diet Biofrid is a dietary food supplement for special medical purposes (balanced diet) for the dietary treatment of arteriosclerosis and an elevated homocysteine ​​level.

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