Vital cure for skin (Code: 003OE0000003101)

Vital cure for skin
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essential oil blend

Essential Oil Blend - Vital Cure for Skin

In this essential oil blend are united many components that are protective, nourishing and nurturing for our outer shell and therefore make it more durable.

Palmarosa essential oil is a very skin-friendly nourishing oil, which is especially suitable for sensitive skin. It supports the development of the skin's own microbiota and strengthens it against fungal overgrowth. At the same time, the essential oil strengthens the immune system.

The circulation-enhancing properties of rosemary essential oil favor the supply of skin cells, giving the skin a healthy texture and a fresh appearance. This is also due to the low blood pressure increasing effect of this essential oil. By applying and massaging it into the surface, the underlying tissue layers are also stimulated, which benefits the entire metabolism.

Rose geranium with its delicately fragrant essential oil cleanses and invigorates the skin and has a wide spectrum of action against possible epidermal fungal colonization. It is especially popular for the treatment of edema and inflammatory changes of the skin.

The lymphatic stimulating property of rose geranium oil is further supported by the essential laurel oil in this blend. A skin in which the fluid spaces are in a physiological sol state can naturally absorb the nourishing components of jojoba wax well, feeling supple and soft. Cajeput essential oil also has strong nourishing properties regarding the skin. In addition, it has a mood-lifting effect and can do a good job against painful muscle and nerve inflammation located subcutaneously.

The individual active components of this essential oil mixture ensure a good and even supply and maintenance of a healthy vital skin. Such an oil massage is also a good way to end a sauna session, because the skin organ in a sauna does a lot for the health of the whole body.

Scope of delivery

  • 50 ml jojoba
  • 5 tr. palmarosa essential oil (Cymbopogon martinii)
  • 3 tr. Rosemary essential oil (Rosmarinus officinalis c.t. verbenon)
  • 5 tr. Rose geranium essential oil (Pelargonium graveolens)
  • 2 tr. Cajeput essential oil (Melaleuca leucadendron cajeputi)
  • 1 tr. bay leaf essential oil (Laurus nobilis L.)


Please note that the set contains individual bottles of the respective oil and it is not a pre-made mixture. Essential oils should never be applied pure, please always mix with a carrier oil (a carrier substance). If possible, test the compatibility on the patient in advance by "letting him smell"! Do not use on children (< 8 years), pregnant women and nursing mothers!

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