Infections and fears (Code: 003OE0000001101)

Infections and fears
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Essential oil blend in times of infection and anxiety


50 ml jojoba, 50ml

10 tr. Lavender essential oil (Lavandula angustifolia), 10 ml

5 tr. rose geranium essential oil (Pelargonium graveolens), 5 ml

5 tr. Cedar essential oil (Cedrus atlantica), 10 ml


2 tr. Bergamot essential oil (Citrus bergamia), 10ml


Please note that the set contains individual bottles of each oil and it is not a pre-made blend.


In times of crisis, it can be very useful to surround oneself with a protective "scent cloud". People are urged to keep as far away as possible, to avoid social contact with people at risk, and to take hygienic measures so as not to encourage the spread of the Corona pandemic. In addition to these social pressures, people have fears of infection and concerns about their economic situation.

The essential oil blend listed here has an anti-infective effect on the one hand and an anxiety-relieving effect on the other.

The essential oil of lavender calms, has an antidepressant effect, i.e. brightening, and at the same time is antibacterial.

Rose geranium oil has a similar effect. In addition to the sedative component, it is antiviral and smells very pleasant, so that alone makes you feel better. Atlas cedarwood oil, in addition to the woody fresh scent, has a cell regenerating and insect repellent note. This is also very beneficial at this time of year, when fruit is ripening, because insect bites, as well as tick bites, carry the additional risk of infection with unwelcome germs.

The essential oil of bergamot is strongly anxiety-relieving and soothing for body and soul. Bergamot oil is not very irritating to the skin, unlike other citrus oils. The slightly photosensitizing property is already almost negligible in autumn in our latitudes.


Cave: Do not use in children (<8 y.)!



2x daily 3-4 drops rubbed into the skin of the abdomen. As a sleep aid, 1-2 drops can also be rubbed on the back of the hand, the scent of which is then inhaled when the hands are near the head.


Essential oils should never be applied pure, please always mix with a carrier oil (a carrier substance).


If possible, test the compatibility in advance by "letting it smell"!

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