Company history


Before the Biofrid company was founded, the SANUM-Kehlbeck company was the focus of the Kehlbeck family. Only the discovery of a passion for viewing the body holistically gave rise to an idea...GF biofrid

The founding of the "initially small" company SANUM-Kehlbeck in 1973, laid the foundation for the production of Enderlein preparations as well as Sanum's own remedies in Hoya. To this day, the company is growing steadily and it is now an international operating family business.

Up to this day we view our company name ”SANUM“ (lat. healthy) as our primary creed and stimulus. SANUM-Kehlbeck’s focus on health and the holistic view of the body soon gave rise to the idea to launch additional product lines under new company names. Aside from the support of the body with vitamins and other important nutrients, the plan for an own cosmetic and skin care line arose - laying the foundation for the company Biofrid.


Skin care is a key aspect, where general health is concerned. Erythema, acne or even dry skin, are signs of an imbalance within the body. A lot of attention should be paid to these signals and respective care and support should be provided. In order to implement this idea, Heinrich Kehlbeck went out in search of an already established cosmetic line. In 1976 he succeeded and purchased the company Biofrid from the pharmacist Fritz Didier jun. in Gifhorn. The many years of experience and established expertise of the existing cosmetic formulations were used as a basis which was further developed over the years. They are constantly adapted in accordance with experience reports and needs of our customers as well as new regulatory requirements. Furthermore, the product line was expanded to include organic and natural cosmetics.


In order to be comfortable in your body, it is important to pay attention to leading a healthy life style and to counteract stress. The fast-paced every-day life often brings with it bad eating habits and detrimental environmental factors, frequently leading to deficiency symptoms. A balanced and healthy diet can be supported by high quality vitamins and select minerals. Thus, we initiated our line of food supplements. This way, possible deficiency symptoms can be compensated and the healing process can be supported. All of our food supplements harmonize with SANUM-Kehlbeck’s homeopathic remedies and are constantly subject to further development.


Essential oils have long been renown for their healing as well as calming effects, so that this product line cannot be absent in our portfolio. They are predominantly all-natural oils, derived from certified organic cultivation and therefore, have the most positive effect on the human body. The oils facilitate a wide range of application. From the aroma therapist who uses the oils treat illnesses, all the way to the personal use in cosmetics and the scenting of rooms. Essential oils assist the body in calming down, alleviate stress, boosts vitality and relax the soul.

We, the company Biofrid, have made it our aim to support human health naturally. Care. Wellness. Relaxation.



Our contribution to the natural support of your health.


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