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Essential Oils

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Thrombosol aktiv®

A tomato extract makes the blood flow

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When a person is healthy, the widely spread network of blood vessels provides optimal conditions for the thinly flowing blood to glide without hindrance. There is no congestion; the transport of nutrients and oxygen in the arteries and the removal of metabolic waste products such as carbon dioxide in the veins work without problems. Unfortunately, this is not true for many people. For them, the blood is thick and tends to congestion, especially in the capillaries. In the worst case, this can lead to adhesions and clumps, the so-called thrombus formation.

A dry extract, obtained from the flesh of the tomato close to the seed, can help here. This extract contains substances that counteract platelet aggregation. They prevent the release of a platelet agglutinating factor (PF4) in the blood, which would lead to platelet sticking. Instead, the undisturbed blood flow is maintained.

The corresponding product Thrombosol aktiv® from Biofrid can be used for the prophylaxis and therapy of all diseases associated with blood thickening, reduced fluidity and an increased coagulation tendency. The daily dose of 150 mg pure tomato extract recommended by the EFSA is contained in one capsule of Thrombosol aktiv®.

Dosage: take 1 x 1 capsule daily with 200 ml water

Evening Primrose Oil - Black Cumin Oil Capsules

Skin and mucous membranes - natural defenses of our organism

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In its formula this food supplement is superior to comparable products. The combination of the evening primrose and black cumin oils, as well as the additional vitamins A and E, extend the range of applications. By means of a special procedure the otherwise usual gelatine cover was renounced and a capsule was used, which supports a vegane nutrition.

Healthy skin and mucous membranes protect the organism and form a natural defence barrier against various environmental influences. However, skin and mucous membranes are exposed to many stresses and strains every day:

Temperature fluctuations
• Surfactants and solvents
• increased dry and sometimes polluted breathing air

If the skin is not sufficiently supplied with nutrients, various symptoms appear. Sometimes it feels very dry and itches. In the case of very sensitive skin, cracks can also appear in the skin, especially on the finger tips. The mucous membranes are also too dry and irritated. This is a particular problem in the nose, as, here, too mucous membranes protect against infectious agents.

It is therefore important to provide the skin with special care - also from the inside - during this time. To support the skin, a cure with Evening primrose oil-Black cumin oil capsules + Vitamin E and A from Biofrid is suitable. Both oils contain many unsaturated fatty acids and have anti-inflammatory properties. Especially the linoleic acid contained in them has a regulating effect on the water balance of the skin. Vitamin A supports the immune system and Vitamin E helps to protect the cells from oxidative stress.

Monthly cure: 2 x 2 capsules daily

For external support, the evening primrose cream „BALANCING CARE“ from the Biofrid Natural Cosmetics range is ideal.

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Roll-ons are the perfect companions on the move.
Whether for fatigue or for cooling: The Mint Roll-On accompanies you through the day and invigorates body and mind. The Niaouli Roll-On helps to shift down a gear with its refreshing note, should things get too much. Tea tree oil is known to be an effective aid for skin impurities and insect bites, making the Tea Tree Roll-On an effective everyday companion.

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RMS Biofrid

The RMS Biofrid drops are a food supplement containing sarcolactic acid ((S) - (+) - lactic acid). It is used to regulate the acid-base balance at elevated concentrations of D-lactic acid ((R) - (-) - lactic acid).

The lactic acid used in RMS Biofrid drops is derived from bacterial cultures which are not genetically modified.

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Arginin-diet Biofrid is a dietary food supplement for special medical purposes (balanced diet) for the dietary treatment of arteriosclerosis and an elevated homocysteine ​​level.

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Essential oil blend of the quarter

Essential Oil Blend for Skin Care


In the summer, irritated skin can easily occur if the function of the skin is impaired by intensive sun exposure or by irritation caused by insects or profuse sweating.

The two carrier substances jojoba wax or almond oil already have a nourishing and protective effect.


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Essential oils for body and soul

Essential oils are among the most interesting secondary ingredients of plants. Since they are volatile (essential), they can be perceived through the olfactory organ. Fragrances can be used to easily identify plants with essential ingredients. For the plants, they have an important protective function, because they are recognized and avoided by herbivors due to the odor and the often associated special taste. In addition, they also serve to ward off microbes.

The plants themselves store the essential oils in special "compartments" or glands because they are often metabolic waste products which could be harmful for themselves. Because of the particular bonds they form, the plants are sometimes even divided into groups, for example, alkaloid plants or cannabinoid plants. When derived in their pure form, e.g. by distillation, essential oils are highly concentrated volatile substances, which always need to be diluted with carrier substances for human use in the wellness area or for medical purposes. These can be fatty oils, salts or sugars and honey.

Essential oils should not be used on humans undiluted. For external application, e.g. on the skin for massage purposes, concentrations of 1-2% are typically used. To judge the mixing ratio, it is helpful to know that 1 ml of essential oil corresponds to 20 drops of the oil from a standardized dripping bottle. Essential oils must be derived from organic farming or wild collection, they must be purely natural and the area of ​​origin (country) must always be indicated. The essential oils of BIOFRID meet all these requirements.


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