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Back Pain Relief
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Essential Oil Blend for Back Pain Relief


20 ml Jojoba, 50 ml

10 drops essential oil of Cajeput (Melaleuca cajeputi, 10 ml)

10 drops essential oil of Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia, 10 ml)

10 drops essential oil of Majoran (Origanum majorana, 5 ml)

10 drops essential oil of Carnation (Syzygium aromaticum, 5 ml)


Please note, that this blend includes single bottles of each respective oil and that it is not a finished blend.


Back pain often occurs due to frequently working in a stooped position. During springtime, there is always a lot of gardening to do which consists of plenty of activities that demand just this kind of posture. Add a cold drought to this when you are sweating, it can happen quickly that your back ‘takes offence’. Then it’s useful if you have a pain relieving oil at hand to massage into the back.

Oil of clove is renown for its soothing effect on rheumatic pains. Among other things, it improves the blood circulation, to aid in the elimination of metabolic waste products. Oil of clove warms and relaxes the musculature.

The main characteristic of oil of lavender in this context, are based on the amount of esters in the distillate. This is why it is popularly used to relax, to soothe and to loosen up tense musculature. It has a harmonizing as well as a wound healing effect. This can be of particular importance if strenuous activity has caused tiny muscular tears.

The indications for the use of cajeput oil are especially owed to its pain relieving properties. The component 1.8-cineol has an anti-inflammatory effect and acts like cortisol - without having the adverse effects of a cortisone treatment. It is commonly used for all kinds of pain (rheumatism, gout, earache) because of its analgesic, unblocking and antiseptic effects.

What is particularly appreciated about oil of marjoram is, on the one hand that it has such a spicy scent and, on the other hand that it is very spasmolytic. This is one of the reasons why the plant marjoram is popularly used in cases of gut problems. In this context, the relaxing properties are used to loosen and ease the musculature of an overstrained back.  

Caution: Do not use on children (<8 y.) and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding!



Essential oils should never be applied undiluted, always mix it with a carrier oil (carrier substance).
If possible, test the patient for tolerance by having him smell the oil!


Our contribution to the natural support of your health.


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