Infections of the genital area (Code: 003OE0000000501)

Infections of the genital area
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Essential oil mixture for infections of the genital area


50 ml jojoba

30 dr. essential oil of thyme (Thymus vulgaris a linalol), 5ml

10 dr. essential oil of rose geranium (Pelargonium graveolens), 5ml

10 dr. essential oil of lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), 10ml

5   dr. cedar essential oil (Cedrus atlantica), 10ml

5   dr. cajeput essential oil (Melaleuca cajeputi), 10ml


Please note, that this blend includes single bottles of each respective oil and that it is not a finished blend.


Many women, but also men, are plagued by itching and soreness in the genital area, which is caused by an infection with streptococci, chlamydia and yeast fungi. Before resorting to antibiotics and cortisone ointments, it is always worthwhile to try a treatment with a mixture of essential oils.

Suitable as carrier substance for the oil mixture is the skin caring jojoba wax which is stable for a very long time in contrast to almond or sesame oil which are also suitable for this application.

Essential thyme oil is known to have a very broad spectrum of effects due to its ingredients thymol, linalool and thujanol-4, which have antibacterial, antimycotic, antipruritic, skin caring and calming effects. All properties that make this oil particularly suitable for the above-mentioned use.

In general, rose geranium oil cleanses the skin and also stops bleeding caused by itching and scratching. It also cares for maltreated skin and prevents the formation of painful scars. The essential ingredients of rose geranium oil have an antiviral effect. For the therapist, this means that viral colonisations as well as those with cell-wall deficient forms of bacteria can be treated very well. Bacteria that do not have a cell wall include Chlamydia, which colonises the urogenital tract and can be transmitted during sexual intercourse.

The ingredients contained in essential lavender oil - especially from the group of alcohols, esters and aldehydes - are skin nourishing and antipruritic. The Bulgarian lavender oil from Biofrid is particularly rich in the antiseptic ingredient Borneol. As a result, the rose geranium and lavender oils can complement each other well in their antimicrobial effect. The pleasant scent of the mixture also provides a pleasant feeling of cleanliness in the genital area

The cell regenerating effect of cedar oil justifies its addition to the mixture against genital infections.

The component 1.8 cineol in cajeput oil relieves inflammation and calms irritated nerve endings. This is particularly important because microbes grow particularly well in this delicate area - favoured by the heat and moisture - and their metabolic products together with sweat irritate the skin and delay healing.   

Alongside its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect, the essential oil mixture presented here is also soothing and heals the skin and mucous membranes.


Caution: Do not use on children (<8 y.) and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding!


Essential oils should never be applied undiluted, always mix it with a carrier oil (carrier substance).
If possible, test the patient for tolerance by having him smell the oil!

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